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The Victorian Kitchen Garden

The Victorian Kitchen Garden with Peter Thoday (Pres/Narr) and Harry Dodson (Pres/Narr)


Behind the red bricked walls of Chilton Foliat a traditional kitchen garden is restored.


Fantastic!! This is a very informative dvd, Harry Dodson is an inspiration to all who wish to grow their own vegetables. The history surrounding the Victorian kitchen garden is explained in an interesting way.

The way it was! If this is not the best documentary I've ever seen I cannot remember any better. Superb. Anyone who loves gardening must see this.

Wonderful! This is a wonderful series. Anyone interested in growing their own food will enjoy this series. Harry Dodson is a delight. Please, please put The Victorian Kitchen and The Victorian Flower Garden on DVD!

Victorian Kitchen Garden is a must! With great delight my package arrived and I consumed all 13 wonderful episodes in one day. I have shared it with friends and family and family of friends and we all love it. We watch it over and over again when it is too hot to go outside and work in our garden. Harry is such a delightful chap and such a natural. We desperately need Victorian Kitchen and Victorian Flower Garden on DVD too; videos just couldn't cope with that much use!

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