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The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

"A must for all interested in archaeology or gardening"

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

Until the First World War, the estate gardens of Heligan ('The Willows' in Cornish) were one of Cornwall's glories, but after the Great War the Tremayne family abandoned them. They remained in a state of decay until Tim Smit, John Nelson and a dedicated team restored the gardens. They are now the most visited private gardens in Britain.

These are a fascinating insight into how the Lost Gardens of Heligan were found and restored. You meet the people who are responsible and you are shown how different parts of the gardens were restored together with footage of the garden before restoration was started - and what a difference they made! You don't need to have visited Heligan to be able to appreciate this, you just need to have a love for either archaeology or plants, or both!

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