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Ground Force

Ground Force - The Titchmarsh Years

Back in the mists of time, or so it seemed, a TV producer had a great idea. Get one famous gardener (Alan Titchmarsh), one hulky builder (Tommy Walsh) and a red-headed water garden specialist who was happy to do all the work with neither bra nor complaint. A good dose of winning personalities, an adoring public and an Editors' predilection for shots of Ms Dimmock at work, and the TV ratings soared.

After six years Alan Titchmarsh is leaving the 'Ground Force' series so we take a look at his devoted band of gardeners plus clippings from the cutting room floor and how they stop at nothing to create that special garden. Key inclusions are: Special Features, Top Ten Gardeners, The Music of Ground Force, Alan’s Designs, Charlie’s water features and Tommy’s construction.

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