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Life of Mammals

"The master at work"

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"can't recommend this series highly enough"

Life of Mammals Complete by David Attenborough

The story of four thousand species which have outlived the dinosaurs and conquered the farthest places on earth. Episodes are: 'A Winning Design', 'Insect Hunters', 'Chisellers', 'Plant Predators', 'Meat Eaters', 'Opportunists', 'Return To The 'Water', 'Life In The Trees', 'Social Climbers' and 'Food For Thought'.

David Attenborough and the BBC have a well-earned reputation for producing some of the greatest nature programmes, but The Life of Mammals could well be Attenborough's magnum opus. Much of the footage shot for this series had never been seen before, and is presented with the respect and reverence for the natural world that Attenborough has made his trademark. It never ceases to surprise: the sight of a lion taking down a wildebeest on the African savannah has almost become a cliché of nature programmes, yet in The Life of Mammals the cameras keep rolling and the viewer witnesses the fallen animal's herd coming to its rescue and driving off the lion. It's a moving sight and just one of many remarkable scenes.

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