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Walking with Beasts

narrated by Kenneth Branagh

5-star series

Mammoths looked truly authentic!

Marvellous depiction of a lost age

Walking with Beasts

The last sixty-five million years on earth are brought to life with the rise of mammals, freezing of the climate and the arrival of man. Each new chapter brings vividly to life the origins of our heritage.

Walking With Beasts is an introduction to the animals (predominantly mammals) that roamed the earth from the extinction of the dinosaurs until the rise of early humans. The sequel to the BBC’s acclaimed and highly successful series Walking With Dinosaurs, Beasts also uses a combination of clever special effects and computer-generated imagery to create a realistic world as it may have appeared millions of years ago. 

As to be expected from any BBC nature programme, the images are visually stunning; the prehistoric animals look impressively lifelike, interacting seamlessly with each other and their environment to create an entire world that could have been photographed only yesterday. Best of all is Episode 2, "Whale Killer", which follows a female Basilosaurus, an enormous ancient predatory whale, as she travels through shallow seas and along coastlines - the underwater images could have just as easily originated in the BBC’s spectacular Blue Planet series.

Walking With Beasts has a host of little touches and flourishes that add to the feeling of realism (the animals knock over the cameras, pebbles hit the lens), which make this programme a success as a piece of pure entertainment and prehistoric escapism.

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