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The Great War

"A superb overview"

"Great as in Big"

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The Great War

The complete series on six discs plus a bonus disc containing 'Voices From the Western Front' plus another First World War film.


Although it already is some decades old, the completeness and thoroughness of the series has never been matched since its release. Although it shows its age and some of the contemporary ideas of the time, it still has a freshness and down-to-earth approach that is missing in basically all of its more recent rivals. Some of the editing and comments are quite dated, but with the correct bias and pre-knowledge, there are some truly remarkable images in the series which are shown in no other series I have ever watched.

The strongpoint of this series is that it does not linger with the more obvious theatres and battles, but attempts (and succeeds) to cover the global aspects of the conflict. It is both a general and detailed overview of this awesome conflict and offers many remarkable and innovative (at the time) views on the this tragedy of the 20th century.  A must for all (full- and part-time) amateur and professional historians.

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