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Elizabeth I

Well done Dr Starkey!

The success of a documentary such as this depends on the historian and because of that this one really couldn't fail!

Elizabeth I by David Starkey

The story of the woman who reigned for forty years, Queen Elizabeth I. From a childhood filled with death threats and a father who eventually had her mother killed, she survived to make England a power to be reckoned with and took on the might of the Spanish Armada.


 I must have watched this documentary every time it came on the television, so I was delighted when it came out on DVD. The highlight was reading his book 'Elizabeth' and this DVD is just as good! The cast is fantastic, did a really good job but it wouldn't have had the same effect if Dr Starkey himself had not appeared in it. Starkey is an amazing historian and is a master story teller. You are guided through the whole DVD by him, he is a perfectionist and doesn't miss out a single detail. The most comforting thing though, is that you can see by his facial expressions and the tone of his voice that he truly does love his work!

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