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The Ascent Of Man

"Unbelievably Brilliant. 5 out of 5 stars"


"The Ascent of Man - it's what TV was invented for - Highly recommended"

Dr Bronowski has written and presented a series which is both to understand and thought provoking!

The Ascent Of Man by Jacob Bronowski

This feature traces the phenomenal cultural development of mankind from primitive times up to the modern day.


"Harry" (London) - I had no interest in watching this series - given that it was made over 30 years ago - How wrong I was! I was absolutely riveted throughout. **None** of it has dated - Not one bit. A truly fascinating insight into the progress throughout history of 'biological' and 'social' man. I will be watching it again in the future.

Milton Keynes, Bucks - I was fortunate enough to watch the original transmission of this series, and have re-visited repeats whenever possible. The ability to own a copy was too much to resist. Dr Bronowski's style and the producer's approach is a refreshing change from today's documentaries. The programme makers assume the viewer has an attention span of more than 5 minutes, and do not constantly reprise the material. Those special effects that are used enhance the material, rather than cover for a lack of substance. Of course, it does show its age in some respects, eg film grain and primitive computer graphics, but this does not detract from the content. I wish that Dr Bronowski had lived longer to produce more wonderful documentaries, and that I could have studied with him, he was a great teacher.

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