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Shooting The Past

"Lindsay Duncan and Timothy Spall shine with the writing of Stephen Poliakoff"

"Impossible to describe properly, this is a film you just have to experience for yourself. Magical!"

Shooting The Past

A country house situated in the London suburbs holds a collection of photography dating back through the last century. Plans have been raised to divide the collection and turn the house into a business school. Plus this video includes two monologues, performed by Billie Whitelaw and Emilia Fox, written for the original transmission of Shooting The Past.


"Shooting the Past' loosely mirrors the history of a real Picture Library which was in financial difficulties and purchased by an American entrepreneur. His intention was not to sell it off in pieces (as in the film) but to expand the collection.
Today this picture collection is perhaps the most valuable and extensive resource of social documentary and historical photo-journalism in the UK.

Shooting the Past is an unusual story full of eccentric characters who have one thing in common - the collection of photographs they are trying to save. They are all passionate and determind, gradually getting through the closed mind of the American buyer who wants to turn the building where the photographs are housed into a business school. The story told to him through the photographs, of his own family history is atmospheric, sending shivers down ones spine. This film has to be seen to be truly appreciated, I would advise anyone to buy the video, they won't regret it.

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