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Prime Suspect - box set

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Prime Suspect - 7-disk DVD box set

All seven titles in one Box Set. This complete DVD box set contains all the Prime Suspect series of crime dramas starring Helen Mirren as Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison. The original story, first aired in 1991, was written by Lynda La Plante and established a compelling template - grisly murders, fascinating operational details, well-written characters and believable domestic drama - for no fewer than six further investigations.


Not since Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy has there been such a great dramatic series that you can sit and watch straight through if you have the time. Helen Mirren was little known in America until this series. She became an institution. Each part of the series is outstanding. We first meet her as she faces discrimination in the workplace but proves her mettle by the end of Episode 1. Great acting from Zoe Wanamaker. Tom Bell is her perfect menace. It is great that the entire series is out on DVD and will whet our appetite for Part 6 which should air in 2004. Many thanks.

The feature-length titles are also available individually:

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