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"Although ostensibly a 'women's' drama, my whole family were hooked from the first episode"

"BBC drama at its best."

"it is just so well done"


The story of ex-patriot European women living in Singapore at the outbreak of war in the Far East and their capture by the Japanese.

This quality BBC drama which ran into several series and a finale was highly popular in the early 1980s and presented a fictionalised story based on fact followed the lives of a number of women taken prisoner during the Second World War in the Far East and kept in prison camps by the Japanese and what the effect of the deprivation had on them.

The hardships faced by these women, from dealing with amputations without any medical help, day to day living on a limited diet, infections and disease, death itself, the loneliness and the suffering, is dealt with realistically and sensitively. The characters are superbly presented by a fine cast; it could be argued that for many of these actors 'Tenko' was their finest hour. The viewer is made to reflect on how they would have coped in a similar situation and are drawn into the story.

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