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Wainwright's Highlands And Islands Of Scotland

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Wainwright's Highlands And Islands Of Scotland

Author A.W. Wainwright visits Scotland taking in the sights of Cape Wrath, the Isle Of Skye, the Torridon Mountains and Glen Coe.


A nostalgic journey for all Highland lovers - This film shows the best the Northwest Highlands of Scotland (still) can offer to all the hurried living in the more crowded parts of the world, like me in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The images, the hauntingly beautiful music and the commentaries (quotations from Wainwright's books) in this video capture the vast open spaces, the silence, the emptiness and the sheer beauty of the scenery of places like Torridon and Sutherland, indeed landscapes so beautiful that it hurts. A feast of recognition to all who have walked in these parts of Scotland. Each time when every day office life in the metropolis was getting to much for me, I borrowed this video from the city library and while watching it it transferred me back to the places where one can still hear silence and watch the world like God created it. The video can be used as an introduction for those who are planning a (walking) holiday to Scotland, or as a pain killer for the homesick Highland lover. As the video was made in the early 80's, and because many of the predictions of changes in the Highlands by now have come true, it also has value as a time document. For, indeed, even the Highlands are getting more crowded and embedded in the 'modern world'. And this is where the nostalgia comes in. This video also makes a real nice gift for the elderly, who are now 'grounded' but who, in their more energetic years, loved to roam the braes and glens and know what Wainwright means when he says (about Sutherland) "when away from it, it calls".

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