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Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

"a nicely judged sense of itself, with great acting and an clever script"

"I'm an old fogey of 49 and I love it"

"one of the freshest and most memorable comedies of last year"

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps - starring Ralph Little and Natalie Casey

Janet (20, half a cider-and-lager) dropped out of college to be a lady-who-lunches. She now works in a mobile phone store. She's got Jonny (21, pint of bitter). He's the one who really, really wants to be a bloke, but finds it hard to leer at women. He's easily swayed by Gaz (23, pint of lager). He's the genuine Cosmo Bloke. What Gaz really wants is to find someone with larger breasts than Donna (20, pint of lager). Loud and tough but with a heart of gold, she's one of the girls. Until she gets home to Gaz, where she's the man. Which is why she envies Louise (19, Malibu and Orange without ice). She's gorgeous, but she's the only one who's never had a boyfriend. Which is why she is jealous of Janet. This brilliantly-observed, highly engaging comedy features five loveable, skint characters in their 20s, in a script written for the PlayStation generation.


With its use of surreal humour and vulgar imagery, this is a young, vibrant comedy which seems calculated to offend the Mary Whitehouse generation - in my book, there is absolutely no better reason to have this in your collection right now.

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