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Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights

"Cult status after just one episode"

"Stupendously comical!, This DVD is a real gem."

"Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights is by far one of the best British comedies I have seen in a very long time!"

"The Second Series is even better than the First!"

Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights - Series 1

The first series of Phoenix Nights, created by and starring Bolton-born comic Peter Kay, is one of those rare gems that few saw on first showing but that everyone was soon talking about. Wheelchair-bound Brian Potter (Kay) runs the Phoenix, a shabby social club populated by an assortment of wonderfully observed characters. It's grim up North and despite the best efforts of the staff to inject life into the proceedings- be it an alternative comedy night, a version of Robot Wars in Potter's beloved Pennine Suite or a Wild West extravaganza - each evening's entertainment always ends badly. Undaunted, the Phoenix denizens continue to strive for their dream: a world in which "clubland never dies".

Even though Kay is the focus of the show (having also directed and penned the series); the hapless security guards, the club entertainer Jerry, and Ray Von the dodgy DJ all combine in an ensemble comedy the like of which hasn't been seen since Fawlty Towers. You have to watch it a couple of times just to catch all the visual gags, let alone pick up on all the nuances of the brilliantly written script.

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Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights - Series 2

Peter Kay playing nightclub owner Brian Potter and bouncer Max, also written by co characters Paddy and Jerry St Sinclair. The introduction of the new phoenix, rising from the ashes, a superclub, serving Garlic Bread? That's right garlic bread! The series shows the characters with their lives after the phoenix including Kenny senior as a lollypop man and Jerry as a stage act in Asda promoting black bin bags! So enjoy, a comic masterpiece!

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