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The Larry Sanders Show

"Ever since the Garry Shandling show in the 80s, it was clear that the man is a genius"

"unrestrained swearing adds to the realism of this spoof documentary about a chat show"

Clever and caustic

The Larry Sanders Show with Garry Shandling and Rip Torn

Television sitcom about a chat-show host. Goes 'behind-the-scenes' to see Larry's humorous small talk with guests and producers.


In The Larry Sanders Show Garry Shandling is Larry Sanders, host of a fictitious chat show. But the real The Larry Sanders Show was alongside Sienfeld, one of the great cult successes of American TV. Nominally a sitcom, the naturalistic acting, uncensored strong language and absence of canned laughter lend the show a distinctive pseudo-documentary feel, as every week some of the top names in US entertainment appear as themselves. The viewer can't help but wonder just how much these celebrities are for real, and how much they are having us on when, for example, Billy Crystal seems so mercenary about using the episode "The Talk Show" to plug his movie, Mr Saturday Night. Other guests on the seven episodes of this DVD include Dana Carvey ("The Guest Host"), Alex Baldwin ("The List"), Robin Williams ("Montana"), Henry Winkler ("Hank's Sex Tape"), Courtney Cox ("Larry's Big Idea") and Brett Butler ("I Was a Teenage Lesbian"--a bonus episode exclusive to DVD).

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