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Father Ted - Complete Set

"Region 2 encoding (Europe, Middle East & Japan only)"

"4-disc DVD set (PAL standard)"

Features every episode from the three series of the comedy television programme which follows the antics of Father Ted, Father Dougal, Father Jack and Mrs Doyle.

Father Ted - Complete Box Set starring Dermot Morgan, Ardal O'Hanlon, and Pauline McGlynn

I was a instant fan of this when it was first screened. It's just magical. Such as show with wonderful writing and priceless jokes. As a massive fan I got the box set and so so pleased with if it I watched all the episodes then all the commentaries and that's when I realised the true value of the box set. Commentaries are a hidden treasure of DVDs and one that many simple pass off as being boring. But the Father Ted commentaries are so fun. The writer is also a great fan of commentaries and so gives a brilliant collection of anecdotes that usually have very very little to do with the series but are equally entertaining.

The 70s had Fawlty Towers, the 80s Blackadder and' head and shoulders above any other sitcom of the 90s, is the sublime, ridiculous, surreal, hilarious genius of Father Ted. Right from the off (Dougal's excitement at seeing the 'Spiderbaby' in the opening episode of series 1, 'Good Luck, Father Ted') it was a classic in every respect - writing, performance, pacing... Peaking at series 2 with 'Song for Europe's hilarious bleeped out swearing tirade from Ted and the resultant ditty 'My Lovely Horse', and my personal favourite episode 'The Plague', the writers managed another brilliant series before calling it a day, as they had decided before the tragic passing of the great Dermot Morgan (an early guest on 'Have I Got News for You', apparently). This series lives forever in his honour...

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