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Black Books

"Hilariously surreal!"

"An extremely funny show made by extremely funny people"

"six episodes of the first series"

"Fully deserving its BAFTA"

Black Books - Series 1 / Series 2 with Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig

Bernard Black (Dylan Moran), proprietor of the grubby bookshop Black Books, prefers the company of his books to his customers. Devoted to the twin pleasures of excessive drinking and wilful antagonism, Bernard enriches his life and the lives of his only two friends, Manny (Bill Bailey) and Fran (Tamsin Grieg) in the process. In this second collection of episodes, Bernard finds proof positive that Manny is mad, Manny worries about the reliability of his magic hot water bottle and uses his underworld connections to help the recently unemployed Fran find a job, Fran struggles to find her inner karma in between trying to find her cigarettes and making excuses to have another drink. Under constant threat from the nasty, unfeeling outside world, the characters in Black Books attempt to maintain the haven of the bookshop even as their own talent for meaningless stupidity pitches them towards mayhem.

Bernard, the owner of a bookshop, has one major problem - he hates people - especially his customers. When he offers Manny Bianco, an accountant, a job during a heavy drinking session, an offer he grudgingly sticks to the next day, he finds that Manny can be nice to customers and actually sells some books....

This, the concept of a drunk owning a bookshop, is surreally funny and possibly the strangest situation comedy ever.

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