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The Fimbles

Within each episode, something is found by one of the three Fimbles (Fimbo, Florrie and baby Pom) who populate the Purple Meadow. Near the Tinkling Tree, they experience the excitement (Fimbling Feeling) of discovering something new and eagerly share it with their friends. This allows for the soothing tones of Roly Mo to relax everyone with a story tailored to the found object. More often than not, the group is joined by the fluffy Mummy and egg family of Bessie and Ribble, whose wise observations always lead to a safety warning or two. The show's real star is left to last: the irrepressible Rockit the frog bounces all over the place causing chaos and hilarity simultaneously.

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Fimbles - Let's Find the Fimbles

Fimbo, Florrie or baby Pom have lots of magical fun. Contains the episodes: 'Blue', 'Jingly Hat' and ''Wig'.
"better than the Teletubbies" with loads of "catchy theme tunes and songs"

Fimbles - Tippity Toppity Games And Playthings

Finding is so much fun in the magical world of the Fimbles. Come and see what's waiting to be found.....
In this special Tippity Toppity compilation the Fimbles find exciting things to play with like puzzle pieces, building blocks and a squeaky toy. Together with all sorts of games and songs, it seems the busy box has no end of surprises for you and the Fimbles to share!

Fimbles, Get the Fimbling Feeling

Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom live in a magical world where anything is possible.