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Peter Rabbit
The world-famous tales of Peter Rabbit from the much-loved children's author Beatrix Potter. A traditional favourite of grandparents; these wonderful videos and DVDs make superb presents which allow modern children to take in the literature of a traditional countryside childhood. Using well-known actors for the voiceovers, these stories are readily accepted by children and their parents. Whilst the animation is soft and cutesy, this provides great entertainment (which it undoubtedly is) but is educational too.
All-in-all, a set of classics which will endure for years and still capture the interest for adults and children alike even after seeing it many times.

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Beatrix Potter - Peter Rabbit

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends

Includes: 'The Tale Of Peter Rabbit And Benjamin Bunny', 'The Tale Of Flopsy Bunnies And Mrs Tittlemouse' and 'The Tale Of Tom Kitten And Jemima Puddleduck'. The DVD consists of 3 episodes of about 25 minutes each - just long enough to have a welcome break from toddler watching but not too long to feel you are allowing them to become square-eyed couch potatoes. Each episode is clever blending of 2 of Beatrix Potter classic books for children. Tales featuring some of her best known characters are included in this DVD; Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, The Flopsy Bunnies, Mrs Tittlemouse, Tom Kitten and Jemima Puddleduck . The animation is really exquisite, with superbly witty characterisation and attention to detail, and so completely true to the originals that it is a pleasure for even the keenest Beatrix Potter fans to watch them. No disappointments or nasty surprises as with so many book-to-film adaptations. Each episode starts and finishes with a well acted introduction with Niamh Cusack as Beatrix Potter. This is beautifully filmed at Beatrix Potter's House in the Lake District. The scenery, wildlife and haunting soundtrack make them well worth watching.

Pigling Bland

Featuring adventures with the Beatrix Potter character Pigling Bland. Voices includes: Pam Ferris, Josie Lawrence, Anthony Jackson, Niamh Cusack and Mark Lockyer.

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle And Mr Jeremy Fisher (1994)

Tales from Beatrix Potter. When Lucie loses her handkerchief she meets Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Mr. Jeremy Fisher. Animated. Based on the characters created by Beatrix Potter.