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Aardman Classics

"All Creatures Great & Small"

" Animation at its absolute best and all on one DVD"

"a modern nostalgia-fest"

Aardman Classics from Nick Park and Aardman Studios

The complete collection of short films from the Aardman Studio, features the Heat Electric adverts, Pib and Pob. Wat's Pig, Owzat and many more. If you like Wallace & Gromit, then you'll love this DVD.


As well as the DVD, you also get a decent book entitled "Insideaard" which is a description and history of Aardman Studios, the creators, and even a section on creating animations. The DVD menu is good, as it makes it easy to find small items so you can watch one or two to fill a few minutes.

The material itself, the films, that is, is terrific. That said, the quality of a few of the film clips is less than you might expect from DVD. Overall, it's still worth buying, as some of the older stuff isn't available on Video; so I guess a poor copy is better than no copy. So far as the children are concerned, they probably don't even notice the occasional click on the sound or the picture; and are sure to be entertained by the huge collection of short films in this package.

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