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Second Hand DVDs/Videos

We have found one of the best ways in which to buy and sell secondhand DVDs (and videos) is through the online auction service called eBay. With eBay, you can search to see what other people are selling, and place a bid to buy an item. The eBay system manages all the  bids, and at the appointed time, notifies the person who has bid the highest amount that they have won the auction. They then to pay the seller (using a credit card, bank transfer, cheque or even traditional cash, as agreed). The seller then ships the book to them. All in all, we have bought and sold nearly 100 second hand items on eBay. In the process, we've got some great bargains; and we've even sold some stuff that would otherwise have gone into the dustbin (and therefore made a bit of money for some badgers too).

Examples (from July 2003) of some secondhand DVDs include:

Item: Condition:

Retail  Price:

eBay  Price:


Shrek (DVD R2) Very Good




Ice Age (DVD R2) Very Good




Monsters Inc (DVD R2) Very Good




To see what is currently being sold on eBay, type the name of what you are looking for in the box in the eBay advertisement at the top of this page.

For example, enter the words "Shrek DVD", without the quotation marks; then click the "GO" button.