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Blade Runner (Directors Cut)

"This is what sci-fi is all about"

"Ridley Scott's true vision - An absolute must on DVD"

"the best sci-fi film in the last 30 years"

Blade Runner (Directors Cut) on Widescreen by Ridley Scott

Four illegal humanoids land in 21st Century Los Angeles where a Blade Runner is assigned the task of finding and killing them. This director's cut is different from the original version. The changes include: depicting the relationship between Deckard and Rachael in greater detail, omitting Deckard's voiceover and changing the ending of the film.

When Ridley Scott's cut of Blade Runner was finally released in 1993, one had to wonder why the studio hadn't done it right the first time - 11 years earlier. This version is so much better, mostly because of what's been eliminated (the ludicrous and redundant voice-over narration and the phoney happy ending) rather than what's been added (a bit more character development and a brief unicorn dream).

The movie's spectacular futuristic vision of Los Angeles--a perpetually dark and rainy metropolis that's the nightmare antithesis of "Sunny Southern California" - is still its most seductive feature, another worldly atmosphere in which you can immerse yourself. The movie's shadowy visual style, along with its classic private-detective/murder-mystery plot line (with Ford on the trail of a murderous android, or "replicant"), makes Blade Runner one of the few science fiction pictures to legitimately claim a place in the film noir tradition. And, as in the best noir, the sleuth discovers a whole lot more (about himself and the people he encounters) than he anticipates. The cast also includes Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, Daryl Hannah Rutger Hauer and M Emmet Walsh.

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