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"fake-fur lined space ships"

"a bizarre, camp kitsch, film which I love"

"fantastic sixties weirdness"

"... and Barbarella breaks that pleasure machine ..."

Barbarella with Jane Fonda 

Based on a comic strip character, the story involves a beautiful space age heroine who vanquishes robots and monsters on the planet Lythion.


Barbarella is marked by the same audacity and originality, fantasy, humour, beauty and horror, cruelty and eroticism that make comic books such a favourite. The setting is the planet Lythion in the year 40,000, when Barbarella (Jane Fonda) makes a forced landing while travelling through space. She acts like a female James Bond, vanquishing evil in the forms of robots and monsters. She also rewards, in an uninhabited manner, the handsome men who assist her in the adventure. Whether she is wrestling with Black Guards, the evil Queen, or the Angel Pygar, she just can't seem to avoid losing at least part of her skin-tight space suit!


"The real reason this film stands out is that it contains my favourite ever line in cinema history; "Decrucify the angel! Decrucify him...or I'll melt your face!"

"A must for any insane person's DVD collection and a good DVD for anyone else. If you feel like an adult trip through wonderland this is your film"

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