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Pretty Woman

Perfect! I LOVE this film!

Hooker meets millionaire, they fall in love... Sounds like a cliché, but it's amazing!

Very, very well done!

Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts

In the Cinderella story that made Julia Roberts a star, a corporate raider hires a hooker to pose as his girlfriend for a week... and falls in love. Meanwhile, she wonders if the straight life - with him - might be a dream come true. Academy Award Nominations: Best Actress Julia Roberts.


This is a lovely film. It gently touches on a prostitute (Julia) who happens on a meeting with a successful businessman (Richard) when he is out in a friends sports car and lost. He asks for directions and Julia gets her break. The theme has a fairy story background, with some good music, excellent support cast (The hotel manager is something to be believed!). It is highly entertaining with lots of clever laughs, one-upmanship, personal morality and interesting storyline. Buy this DVD... It rates as one of my top three ever!

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