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The Remains Of The Day

"wonderful performances"

"the film is beautiful to view"

"The film is beautiful and powerful, much as a play by Shakespeare, and when tragedy strikes, it is on the same mammoth scale"

The Remains Of The Day with Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Christopher Reeve and James Fox

A perfect English butler sacrifices everything he cares for in the name of duty and serving his master. Based on the novel by Ishiguro Kazuo.


The Remains of the Day is one of Merchant-Ivory's most thought-provoking movies. Anthony Hopkins is a model of restraint and propriety as Stevens, the butler who "knows his place"; Emma Thompson is the animated and sympathetic Miss Kenton, the housekeeper whose attraction to Stevens is doomed to disappointment. As Nazi appeaser Lord Darlington, James Fox clings to the notion of a gentleman's agreement in the ruthless political climate before World War Two. Hugh Grant is his journalist nephew all too aware of reality, while Christopher Reeves gives a spirited portrayal of an American senator, whose purchase of Darlington Hall 20 years on sends Stevens on a journey to right the mistake he made out of loyalty. As a period drama with an ever-relevant message, this 1993 film is absorbing viewing all the way.

On the DVD: the letterbox widescreen format reproduces the 2.35:1 aspect ratio with absolute clarity. Subtitles are in French and German, with audio subtitles also in English, Italian and Spanish, and with 28 separate chapter selections. The "making-of" featurette and retrospective documentary complement each other with their "during and after" perspectives, while "Blind Loyalty, Hollow Honour" is an interesting short on the question of appeasement and war.

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