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Taxi Driver

"A film for anyone who has ever felt oppressed by society!"

"Martin Scorsese's direction is flawless"

"You Talkin' To Me!"

Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster

De Niro plays Travis Bickle, a Vietnam vet whose life is slowly spiralling out of control. His descent into a paranoid, mental decline is totally and utterly believable. This is truly De Niro's film, his awkward, menacing; almost predatory manner make for one of cinema's most remarkable anti-heroes. It is the performance of his career.


It is impossible for me to review Taxi Driver without sounding like a nutcase, but I'll try my best. The film is about Travis Bickle, a lonely, disillusioned war veteran who joins a taxi service because he can't sleep at nights (the filth and scum and general odour of degredation gives him headaches). Gradually, through a series of brief but important relationships with a beatiful campaign worker, a teenage prostitute, a psycho who plans to kill his wife and a presidential candidate, Travis becomes ever more warped on "really DOING something". I won't ruin the rest of it for you, even though most people will know what happens by the film's reputation anyway. What makes this film great is its atmosphere, combined with Robert De Niro's disturbingly casual performance as Travis. His monotonous drawl, especially when reading his diary entries, somehow adds to film's unnerving acceptance of what ensues to create a general sense of inevitability about what happens.

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