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Apocalypse Now Redux

"deep, dark, long"

"much deeper and more thoughtful than a bog-standard war or anti-war film"

Apocalypse Now Redux by Francis Ford Copella with Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando

Based on Joseph Conrad's 'Heart Of Darkness'. An inside look at all the horrors, madness and moral dilemmas which was the Vietnam War. The story revolves around a captain who is sent to Vietnam to eliminate a mad colonel.


Francis Ford Coppola has revisited a classic and produced Apocalypse Now Redux, a remastered and extended version of his hallucinogenic Vietnam nightmare that adds some 50 minutes of extra material. On the plus side, certain extended sequences - such as Kilgore's bombing-cum-surfing raid and the final battle of nerves between Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando - add greater depth to our appreciation of the film. On the debit side, the lengthy French plantation interlude and the squalid fate of the Playboy bunnies simply underscore what we already know about war and hell and the depressing futility of it all. It's possible that Apocalypse Now is not really about Vietnam at all, but is in fact a despairing commentary on the dissolution of contemporary American society. Either way, it remains one of the greatest anti-war movies ever made.

On the DVD: Apocalypse Now Redux has vividly remastered Dolby 5.1 sound (the whirling helicopter blades are dizzying) and an anamorphic widescreen picture. Disappointingly the disc contains no extra features other than a trailer for the Redux version. Coppola has provided excellent commentaries for his Godfather trilogy so it's a shame not to have his comments here.

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