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On The Waterfront

Brando's greatest performance as a longshoreman challenging the power of the docker's union.

Winner of 8 Academy Awards.

Kazan's untouchable portrayal of Mafia brutality and menace

This is why Brando's considered one of the best

Brando's the greatest

On The Waterfront directed by Elia Kazan and starring Marlon Brando and Karl Malden


In 1954, acclaimed director Elia Kazan collaborated with one of the finest musicians of the time, Leonard Bernstein, and possibly the most gifted and versatile actors in screen history, Marlon Brando to create a film of nearly unmatchable power and disturbing realism.
"On the Waterfront" tells the emotional story of an ex-boxer, Terry Malloy (Brando), who, after seeing the immoral and deeply wrong nature of the mafia he is working for, realises the value of life and freedom and sets about to bring the organisation down.

A superb performance on Brando's part as well as the film's supporting actors: Eva Marie Saint, who plays the attractive young nun, Edie, who convinces Malloy to listen to his conscience and eventually find his admirable view on life: Rod Steiger, who plays Malloy's brother, Charley The Gent, who shares the fantastic taxi scene with Brando, in which the relationship of the two brothers is seen in its real light: Karl Malden, who plays the creditable town priest whose goal from the outset is to persuade the workers at the dock to rise up against the mafia and expose their evil ways: and Lee J. Cobb, who plays mafia leader, Johnny Friendly whose ruthless and barbaric personality is mirrored perfectly in Cobbs performance.

Eight Oscars very well earned and an essential and truly brilliant films in the life of cinema, which even houses one of the most famous and emotive screen lines ever "I coulda been a contender." This immortal line encapsulates the magnificence and power of one the greatest films in history.

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