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Gone With The Wind

"Movie Mythology at its Most Memorable"

"a highly romanticized vision of the South as it never really was"

"A MUST for all move fans"

Absorbing version of Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about life in the Deep South during the Civil War.

Gone With The Wind with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh from Margaret Mitchell's novel

"Gone with the Wind is set against the backdrop of the American Civil War and is the story of young Scarlett O'Hara's fight to keep Tara, her home and her passionate relationship with Rhet Butler (Clark Gable) The film is a must for all movie fans."

Gone with the Wind is a mosaic of a picture, one of the best-loved and most successful in movie history. Epic in scope, the decline and fall of the South as seen through the eyes of feisty heroine Scarlett O'Hara makes the first half of the picture a riveting spectacle. From the aristocratic world of Tara to the horrors of Atlanta under siege, the film has many indelible scenes and images: the genteel girls taking an enforced siesta during the Twelve Oaks barbecue, a horrified Scarlett walking through the wounded, the flight from burning Atlanta, and Scarlett's moving pledge against a burnished sunset set to Max Steiner's glorious music score. But the second half shifts gear, the melodrama is upped some more as tragedy piles upon tragedy.

Behind the scenes problems doubtless contributed, with directors coming and going, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable apparently barely able to stand the sight of each other, and producer David O Selznick's endless rewrites and interference. Nonetheless, this 1939 box-office smash remains one of Hollywood's finest achievements, an irresistible spectacle chock-full of the finest stars in the filmic firmament striking sparks off one another.

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