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Gone with the Wind, Ben-Hur and Doctor Zhivago - box set!

Three Superb Movies

Box Set

Ideal Romantic Gift

three-movie box set!

Gone with the Wind,  Ben-Hur and Doctor Zhivago

Long before computers turned every crowd scene and every grandiose backdrop into a pixellated virtual construct, these movies did it all for real. Nothing can substitute for their authentic sense of what really makes an epic: strong characters, emotionally involving storytelling and the grandest, most romantic sense of large-scale moviemaking. All three contain sequences and images that are indelibly burned into popular consciousness. Just recall Vivien Leigh's walk through the wounded of Atlanta, or her pledge never to be hungry again silhouetted against an achingly vivid sunset. Remember Charlton Heston rowing the Roman galley, or charging round the arena in his chariot. Or the enigmatic beauty of Julie Christie, the train ride to the Urals and the charge into No Man's Land.

  • In 'Ben Hur' a man who defies the Romans brings tragedy to himself and his family. Set against the back-drop of the life of Jesus. 

  • 'Gone With The Wind' is an absorbing film version of Margaret Mitchell's Pullitzer Prize-winning novel about life in America's Deep South during the Civil War. 

  • 'Doctor Zhivago' is a story of love and romance told against the flaming background of the Russian Revolution. Zhivago is a poet, surgeon, husband and lover struggling for survival. Based on the novel by Boris Pasternak.

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