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Metropolis (1927)

"2-disc/tape set"

"Superbly restored classic from the visionary director"

"At last, you can enjoy this work of art as it was meant to be"


Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang with musical score by Gottfried Huppertz


A classic science fiction spectacle set during 2000 in a city torn apart by oppression and social conflict. Features the musical score by Gottfried Huppertz. Fully restored and remastered.

If you think you know Fritz Lang's Metropolis backwards, this special edition will come as a revelation. Shortly after its premiere, the expensive epic - originally well over two hours - was pulled from distribution and re-edited against Lang's wishes, and this truncated, simplified form is what we have known ever since 1926. This 118-minute version is the closest we are likely to get to Lang's original vision, complete with tactful linking titles to fill in the scenes that are irretrievably missing. Not only does this version add many scenes unseen for decades, but it restores their order in the original version.

On the DVD: Metropolis has been saddled with all manner of scores over the years, ranging from jazz through electronica to prog-rock, but here it is sensibly accompanied by the orchestral music Gottfried Huppertz wrote for it in the first place. An enormous amount of work has been done with damaged or incomplete elements to spruce the image up digitally, and so even the scenes that were in the film all along shine with a wealth of new detail and afford a far greater appreciation for the brilliance of art direction, special effects and Helm's clockwork sexbomb.

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