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Look Back In Anger

"No matter how good an actor "Brad Pitt" might or might not be, he will NEVER come close to the screen presence of a true actor like Richard Burton"

"this film is one which will live with you for a long time"

Look Back In Anger by Tony Richardson with Richard Burton / Claire Bloom

An angry young man fights against life and his wife in this anti-establishment masterpiece.


In this masterful movie from 1958, director Tony Richardson shows precisely why he became to be regarded as such a brilliant film director.

The film leads, Richard Burton and Claire Bloom, both supply electric performances - made especially memorable by the barely-concealed power of Burton's voice, manner and overall screen "presence"


This is one hell of a good film. Just a few seconds of Richard Burton on screen makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Is this the best film acting he ever did? I can't think of any other film in which he provided a better, more powerful performance.

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