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In Which We Serve

"Dramatic heart-felt story about World War II"

"John Mills and Celia Johnson"

In Which We Serve wth John Mills and Noel Coward - Directed by David Lean


Dramatic story from 1942 of a British Navy destroyer, dive-bombed in the awful Battle of Crete, but always gallant to the last.

During the early dark years of the last war, British cinema managed to produce this epic. With a cast of all the best available, and headed up by the upright and perfect Noel Coward, the story followed the life and adventures of a single ship and her crew in a hectic but short existence. The story is based loosely on the exploits of Lord Louie Mountbatten and his ship HMS Kelly. Just what the public needed to lift the gloomy feelings of a dark and almost defeated Great Britain. A must for any classic collector or younger generation to learn values of friendship and comradeship, thrown together by the ravages of war.

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