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Henry V

Classic Master

Laurence Olivier

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Henry V

One of Shakespeare's most compelling histories, complete with the great Battle Of Agincourt.


Laurence Olivier's Henry V is a patriotic saga awash with pageantry, battles, romance and political chicanery. Intended to rally Britain during the darkest days of World War II, the film shows how the star of England sought to stake an ancestral, royal claim on the soil of France. 

A romanticised film of a nation at war, the director leaves no doubt that the British victory over the French at Agincourt (1415) was Medieval England's and the King's finest military triumph. The film is rendered complete by William Walton's magnificent score, which pushes all the appropriate patriotic buttons.

To many people's eyes, this is a purer Shakespearean version, than Kenneth Branagh's Henry V from 1989.

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