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Brief Encounter

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"THE most romantic film of all time?"

"Anyone who isn't besotted with Brief Encounter has either never been in love, or doesn't deserve to be."

Brief Encounter with Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson - Directed by David Lean

Noel Coward's masterpiece about a suburban wife's chance encounter with a married doctor. Although made as long ago as 1945, this Classic film is now being watched increasing numbers of younger viewers anxious to see that their parents and grandparents are just as romantic as today's youth.

Expanded from a one-act stage play by Noel Coward, Brief Encounter is without doubt one of the true masterpieces of British film history. The story seems slight - a respectable suburban housewife has a chance meeting with a handsome married doctor, their friendship becomes romance, but they feel the pressures of convention pulling their relationship apart - but the writing, acting and direction are sublime, turning what might have been just another melodrama into a memorable and heartbreaking story of impossible love. David Lean went on to make much bigger movies than this, but few of those epics packed the emotional punch of this picture, set in a mundane world of railway stations, semi-detached houses and inexpensive cafes. Trevor Howard is perfectly cast as Alec, the doctor, but the film belongs above all to Celia Johnson, as the heroine Laura. It's easy to mock her clipped ultra-English accent, but she gives one of the greatest screen performances imaginable, brilliantly evoking how an ordinary life can be turned upside down by unexpected passion. Throw in the superb use of Rachmaninov's swooning Second Piano Concerto, shrewd supporting acting from Cyril Raymond, Joyce Carey and Everley Gregg, and some of the best black-and-white photography of its era, and the result is irresistible.

The DVD version is especially enjoyable as you can see the subtle shadow details that are sometimes hidden in other formats.

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