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Stuart Little 2

"Furry friend back on top form"

Stuart Little 2 with High Laurie, Geena Davis, Michael J Fox, James Woods and Melanie Griffith

Stuart Little returns for more adventures, in which he sets out to rescue Margalo, a little bird who has been wounded by a falcon. In order to help Margalo he must first enlist the services of Snowbell the cat.


Stuart Little 2 is that rarest of movie breeds, a sequel that surpasses its charming, popular predecessor to achieve near-classic status. While Mr and Mrs Little (Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis) are portrayed with good-natured, storybook purity, the rest of the movie follows suit, beginning when their lonely mouse "son" Stuart (perfectly voiced by Michael J Fox) befriends an orphaned canary (Melanie Griffith), who's reluctantly stealing from the Little's for the villainous Falcon (James Woods). The con game turns into a search-and-rescue thriller, with family cat Snowbell (Nathan Lane) quipping like a borscht-belt comedian, but the real fun of Stuart Little 2 comes from Bruce Joel Rubin's marvellously inventive screenplay and returning director Rob Minkoff's visually dazzling combination of live action and lavish computer animation. Matching the Babe movies as a wondrous marvel of family entertainment, Stuart Little 2 is an all-ages romp that's smart, sweet, and completely irresistible.

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