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Monsters Inc

"A Fantastic Film For All"

"You can't go wrong with this film!"

"If you have small children, movies such as this are worth their weight in gold"

"Disney and Pixar are masters of the Art of Film Making"

Monsters Inc with John Goodman and Billie Crystal

Monsters of all shapes and sizes live in a town called Monstropolis. The town generates it's own electrical power by turning children's screams into energy in a factory called Monsters Incorporated. Sulley and his best friend Mike work for the company as Children Scarers, but Sulley turns his world upside down when he accidentally allows a little girl called Boo into Monstropolis.


The monsters in Monsters, Inc. are just so incredibly cute - and they know it. Whereas Woody, Buzz and pals in the Toy Story saga were filled with self-doubt about just how much the children in their lives would continue to love them, here our heroic monsters and the lovable Boo have no such worries, at least when it comes to the cinema audience. And that's why Monsters, Inc., with its wondrous computer-animated artistry, its smart humour and its family-friendly appeal, is every bit as good as its predecessors.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal, as scare-champions Sulley and Mike, are a great double-act whose comedy never goes over kids' heads but still reaches up to make their parents laugh. The film's central conceit - that monsters in the bedroom closet are just doing a night's work in order to generate power from screams for the city of Monstropolis - is funny and cleverly worked out; and kids will of course love the fact that the monsters are mortally afraid of the very children they are trying to frighten.

The animation is extraordinarily detailed (Sulley's fur is a marvel in itself) and the set-piece action sequences top anything that has gone before for sheer audaciousness.

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