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Finding Nemo

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"Another well-regarded Disney/Pixar animated feature film"

"Like previous Pixar movies, the children love it as much as their parents"

"animation is awesome"

"fun for the whole family"

Finding Nemo by Pixar/Disney with voices by Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres

A delightful undersea world unfolds in Pixar's animated adventure Finding Nemo. When his son Nemo is captured by a scuba-diver, a nervous clownfish named Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) sets off into the vast - and astonishingly detailed - ocean to find him. Along the way he hooks up with a scatterbrained blue tang fish named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), who's both a help and a hindrance, sometimes at the same time.

Faced with sharks, deep-sea anglers, fields of poisonous jellyfish, sea turtles, pelicans and much more, Marlin rises above his neuroses in this wonderfully funny and non-stop thrill ride - rarely does more than 10 minutes pass without a sequence destined to become a theme-park attraction. Pixar continues its run of impeccable artistic and economic successes (Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc). Supporting voices include William Dafoe, Geoffrey Rush and Allison Janney.


Review: I was lucky enough to see this film and I was totally blown away, after seeing other Pixar movies, I thought I knew what to expect. The detail is outstanding and the story is one of the funniest had seen in years (if a little sad in 2 or 3 places) The story centres around a little fish, who while out on a school trip gets caught by a scuba diver, it's then down to his father to try and find him. On the way he encounters some sharks, that are trying their best not to eat fish anymore with outrageous results. This film is a must see and a must own for adults and children alike, the children will love it for all the colour and creatures, the adults will love it for the sheer brilliant dialogue, witty comments and the detail of every creature and backdrops. It doesn't matter if your 4 or 40 go and see this movie, I can definitely say you will not be disappointed, and you really will want to buy it, because you will be laughing so much when you see it you will need to watch it again to see the parts you missed.

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