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Chicken Run


The Great Eggscape"

" Clucking Brilliant Fun"

"fantastic all-round entertainment"

"... but I don't want to be in a Pie. I don't Like Gravy!"

Chicken Run by Nick Park and Aardman Animation

Set on a Yorkshire farm in the 1950's, this is the story of a group of repressed chickens who are owned by the evil Mr and Mrs Tweedy. Things start to happen when an American chicken, Rocky, arrives on the farm, he finds romance with a hen called Ginger and together they hatch a plan to escape to freedom...


Chicken Run is a commercially-successful British family movie that has universal appeal without compromising its inherent British pluckiness. It invites us into the Plasticine-world of Tweedy's farm, a far-from-free-range egg factory ruled with an axe of iron by greedy Mrs.Tweedy. One intrepid chicken, Ginger (voiced by Julia Sawalha) sets her sights on breaking out the whole flock, a cast of beautifully individuated chicken characters including ditsy Babs (voiced by Jane Horrocks), matronly Bunty (Imelda Staunton) and practical-minded Mac (Lynn Ferguson). Each effort is thwarted, and Ginger repeatedly reaps a spell in the coal bunker for her troubles, prompting the first of many allusions to The Great Escape. When an American rooster named Rocky (Mel Gibson) literally drops in from the air, the hens are set all a-flutter with excitement thinking he'll help teach them to fly away at last. But Rocky is not all he seems...

The directors, Nick Park and Peter Lord, regularly scoop Oscars for their short movies, and the Aardman production house show that Britain can compete with the most merchandised Disney production and win.

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