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"Another great Bollywood MUST BUY (the DVD has English subtitles)"

"In a sea of Hindi movies where the story and scenes pay full homage to Hollywood- style, Asoka stands out like lighthouse"

Asoka with Kareena Kapoor  and Shah Rukh Khan

The story of Asoka, emperor of the Maurayan dynasty who was responsible for introducing Buddhism as a world religion. Hindi dialogue.


Both stylish and stylised, Santosh Sivan's Hindi epic Asoka tells the heavily fictionalised but nonetheless compelling story of India's greatest emperor. In the third century BC the Mauryan king Asoka built a vast empire by means of ruthless conquest; but after the great Kalinga war he became sickened by the terrible slaughter he had caused, converted to Buddhism and dedicated the rest of his life to spreading peace and prosperity.

On the DVD: Presented in sumptuous widescreen (2.35:1) anamorphic format and in Dolby 5.1, the film can be viewed with or without English subtitles. There are also two short documentaries, in English, featuring interviews with the star and director among others. The five big musical numbers can be accessed all in one go or individually, while a trailer and picture gallery complete a good package.

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