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Wild Flowers of GB and  Europe

384 pages


18 April 1996

Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland - The Complete Guide to the British and Irish Flora by Marjorie Blamey, Alastair Fitter, Richard Fitter

A comprehensive guide to wild trees, shrubs and flowering plants covering the whole of Britain and Ireland, plus Europe from the Arctic to the Alps. nearly 2000 species are described, and 1450 are illustrated in colour.


This is an excellent guide and well worth the price for the illustrations alone ! As an experienced habitat surveyor it's always in my rucksack when I'm out in the field. Only slight criticism is that if you're not sure exactly what plant variety you're looking for it isn't always easy to identify.

Since its publication in paperback in 1974 I have used this as my standard reference book when my family and I have been out on walks here in the Lake District. I find it invaluable and once you start to use the keys and methods to name that unknown flower, which you have just probably stood on!, then it becomes obvious that this book is essential to furthering your study and enjoyment. The comprehensive aspect is an essential feature and this work done by Richard and Alastair Fitter in the 70s still remains a classic book; the illustrations by Marjorie Blamey are a delight to see and use. I got a second hand copy here on Amazon the other day for a few pounds and now I have one for home and one for out in the woods, fells and fields. Try it and see.

I have had this book for years and used it for A level and degree level study, it continues to be a essential companion on walks and holidays. The pictorial keys are easy to use and the pictures are a delight in themselves as well as making identification easy. The text is helpful and botanical terms are explained in an appendix. It is of compact size making it comfortable to carry on outings.

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