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Flowers at My Feet

An amazing beautiful book, with stunning photographs; and in support of a very good cause too.

An inspiring gift for any gardener who respects or wants to emulate nature in all its beauty

Flowers at My Feet - The Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland in Photographs by Bob Gibbons and Dave Woodfall


Produced in association with Plantlife, a charitable organisation with 20,000 members.

With A foreword by HRH Prince of Wales, each chapter begins with a lively introduction by a personality closely associated with the region. A timely record of the splendour and variety of British flowers, Flowers At My Feet is a book to treasure.

A celebration of the glorious range and beauty of the flowers of Britain and Ireland, illustrated with photographs by the botanical photographers Dave Woodfall and Bob Gibbons. Celebrities introduce different areas of Britain close to their hearts: Scotland for Baroness Young of Old Scone, Northern England for David Bellamy, Bell Mooney in the South-West, Susan Hampshire in the South-East and John Humphries in Wales, to name a few. The pictures are accompanied by descriptions that explain the background to each shot, how and where it was taken, the time of year, and details of the species illustrated.

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