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The Trees That Made Britain

216 pages

Publisher: BBC Books

7 Sep 2006

The Trees That Made Britain by Archie Miles

As the oldest living inhabitants on the planet, trees have played a major part in the way we live today, providing both the daily oxygen we breathe and the foundation of our nations heritage. Every native tree in Britain, whether its part of a grand avenue, a thriving hedgerow, an ancient wood or a colourful orchard, tells a different story. Accompanying a fascinating and lively BBC series, "The Trees That Made Britain" takes us on a journey of discovery to every corner of the nation. Through detailed portraits of individual tree species, author and photographer Archie Miles reveals the stories of the trees that have influenced the culture, myths and fabric of the nation. The book is full of surprising facts on how trees have been used by man over the centuries, from the oak used in the building of HMS Victory to ancient longbows made from yew, as well as practical advice on visiting some of Britains finest living examples. The combination of rich historical material and lyrical descriptions captures the essence of our native tree species. Lavishly illustrated, "The Trees That Made Britain" is a celebration of the beauty and wonder of trees, and their awe-inspiring legacy.

About the Author - Archie Miles

Archie Miles has built a reputation in the tree world, frequently writing, photographing and lecturing for both the Tree Council and the Woodland Trust. The author of Silva (Ebury Press, 1999), he also has his own picture archive with over 100,000 images of trees and tree-related subjects.

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