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Trees (Collins GEM guide)

240 pages

truly pocket sized

Collins (2 Aug 2004

Trees (Collins GEM guide) by Alastair Fitter, David More (Illustrator)

The best-selling, unrivalled beginner's guide to identifying the most common species of tree in northern Europe. This is the perfect pocket guide for anyone who wants to identify those deciduous or evergreen species they may come across on hill or in dale, in the town or in the countryside. For each tree included in the book, there is a wealth of both textual and visual identification information. Remarkably detailed illustrations show not only the overall shape of the tree but also details of leaf shape, flowers, fruits and bark. There's also information on the origin of each species, its height, preferred habitat and growing conditions. Illustrations of cones, catkins, nuts and fruits allow you to distinguish between similar species at a glance. The introduction covers the life cycle of trees, the establishment of woodland, people's relationship with forests and how to go about identifying trees, plus the all-important question -- what exactly is a tree?


Still the favourite! I've been studying and working in ecology since 1987 and this is still the first book I turn to. Descriptions are clear and concentrate on distinguishing features. It's divided nicely into closely related groups with additional pages on fruits and nuts with a simple bark/leaf key. There's also a description of tree buds for winter ID.

Collins Gem Trees! I find this a very worthwhile, easy to use little book, packed full of interesting information on over 200 trees and shrubs. This book can be popped into a rucksack and taken on countryside rambles or school trips as a quick, concise aid to tree identification. Colourful illustrations of trees, foliage, flowers, fruit and bark add to the ease of tree identification for both beginners and those with some knowledge. Useful keys in the introduction also help you to identify trees in winter. A must for nature lovers!

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