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Collins Field Guide to Trees

420 pages

10 Sep 1992

Collins Field Guide: Trees of Britain and Northern Europe by Alan Mitchell, Preben Dahlstrom (Illustrator), Ebbe Sunesen (Illustrator), C. Sunesen (Illustrator)

A pictorial guide to the different kinds of trees found in Britain and Northern Europe. A wonderful 416-page hardback from HarperCollins Natural History.


The one to remember! Alan Mitchell died last year, and with him he took an incredible knowledge of what grows where and why. More than that. He took with him an outgoing personality hard to match - especially in the fields of horticulture and botany.

Solid in its design, this A5 hardback is a brilliant field guide. It is nonetheless highly useful at home - researching, comparing or reading: 'Grossly overplanted in villages...' Mitchell commented on the Copper beach - this is entertaining while counting leaflets...

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