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RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

744 pages

Dorling Kindersley Publishers

23 Feb 2006

Worth itís weight in gardenerís goldí!

RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers by Christopher Brickell

The classic must-have for any gardener planning, developing and nurturing their dream garden, from the experts at the RHS. This book is packed with advice on over 8,000 plants, with all you need to know on cultivation, pests, diseases and choosing the right plant for the right place. It now features a new section on choosing the best plants for year-round colour in your garden.


The first thought that went through my mind when I was able to look at the book for the first time was - WOW! It is a well written guide with pages and pages of beautiful pictures to get inspired by. And I found it very easy to read as well. The description and growing needs of every plant and flower is written in a simple to follow way. This book has so much information on so many plants, I could keep myself easily entertained right up until mid-spring. Just in time for putting the information I learned into use! I'm so happy to have bought this book, I am already looking into this author's past books on houseplants too.

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