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Organic Gardening (RHS)


191 pages

Mitchell Beazley

18 Mar 1999

This is a brilliant book.

THE book on organic gardening!

Modern and easy to follow!

Organic Gardening (RHS Encyclopaedia of Practical Gardening) by Pauline M. Pears and Sue Stickland

Illustrated with step-by-step artworks, this guide dispels myths about organic gardening and explains all aspects of organic garden management, including the planning of an organically-balanced environment, soil preparation, pests and diseases, weed control, crop care and cultivation, and also contains a year-round checklist for instant season-by-season planning.


This book is everything the beginner or intermediate gardener could want in an introduction to organic gardening. It is well organised and easy to read, with excellent illustrations. Sections are short, so you can get what you need and get back to the garden quickly. It is easy to dip in and out of. Moreover, it makes organic gardening sound just as easy as it really is. If you're not a convert, buy it and start - if you are, get it to improve your skills and broaden your knowledge.

Going organic? I would recommend this book! I have found this book an extremely useful reference. I began organic gardening last year and have found this book a good all-rounder for the skills you need as an organic gardener e.g. worm composting, building compost bins, controlling pests & diseases, green manures and lots more. I imagine it would be most useful for those new to working organically, but I think it will have something to offer for everyone.

The suggestions and ideas it offers for organic gardening can easily be transferred from the book to gardens of any size. This is especially good for the beginner because, as with other books in this series, it talks you through everything step-by-step, without over-simplifying any of the information. All topics are covered equally, from growing flowers and vegetables to protecting them pests using natural methods. This is a superb book for anyone interested in becoming an organic gardener. Its contents will please novices and experienced gardeners alike.

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