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Grasses: Choosing and Using Ornamental Plants in the Garden (RHS)

160 pages


Quadrille Publishing

5 Aug 2005

Grasses: Choosing and Using These Ornamental Plants in the Garden by Roger Grounds and Andrew Lawson (Photographer)


Grasses are the keynote plants of twenty-first century gardening. They provide year-round interest and are hugely versatile offering a diversity of size, form, colour and texture unsurpassed by any genus. They are treasured for the way they seem to capture light and bring structure and movement to gardens of any size.

A relative newcomer, a hundred years ago gardeners only had the choice of eight or ten ornamental grasses. Now thanks to nurserymen, breeders and collectors around the world there are several hundred varieties. These cover an enormous range of sizes, textures and colours and are suitable for almost any growing condition.

Informative and inspirational, this book guides the reader through this wealth of choice selecting the grasses best suited to various garden uses, habitats and design styles. Individual portraits at the heart of the book capture the fluid, dynamic and evanescent beauty of the different grasses, while photographs of borders and gardens illustrate a host of ideas for growing them.

The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the gardener or designer.

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