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Wildlife Photographer of Year

Hardcover 160 pages

Publisher: BBC Consumer Publishing

Inspiring Stuff

Want to be a wildlife photographer? This book has imagery that will inspire you to get out there and take those shots to make you famous.

Remarkable simply as pictures of wildlife, sharp, powerful, informative images that just blow the mind.

A great coffee table book and book for aspiring wildlife photographers.

Wildlife Photographer of Year

The prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is a collectable book for all lovers of wildlife and fans of world-class photography. This collection of stunning wildlife photographs represents the best images taken by top nature photographers around the world that have been submitted to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.


The book like all of the 'portfolio's I have seen, contains 160 pages of awe inspiring images taken both by amateurs and professionals. At least half the entries this year are from digital cameras but they're all wonderful images and should be treasured. The BBC Wildlife magazine had excerpts from the Judges comments about why they selected certain pictures so it seems unusual the the published book does not. There are brief technical notes for the interested to accompany each portrait: 'camera, lens, f stop, shutter speed' but mostly this is just a book to rejoice in the images themselves.

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