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Tom Mackie's Landscape Photography Secrets

144 pages


25 Nov 2005

David & Charles

This is the most beautiful book of landscape photographs I have ever seen.

The images, of some of the most scenic areas in the world, are simply eye-wateringly beautiful.

Tom Mackie's Landscape Photography Secrets

Learn how to take the best landscape photographs possible with this stunning new guide from world renowned photographer, Tom Mackie. With the sophistication of camera equipment today, taking a regular photograph is relatively straightforward. But taking - and making - a photograph that will have more impact than others requires much greater insight. Rather than concentrating on techniques, here Mackie breaks down all the different sub-genres of landscape photography and examines the challenges and particular processes involved with each specific environment. From the white sand beaches of Aruba, to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, each chapter is illustrated by Mackie's best images, with detailed captions that explain exactly how each image was achieved.


Words Fail me! My respect for the photographer only increased when I saw the photograph at the end of the book, of the equipment he uses - no, its not digital. He himself says his cameras "date back some years".

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